Tom Jonas – Southwest Explorations Projects

Published Articles

Peñalosa, Coronelli and Kino: Early Cartographers of Arizona by Jim Byrkit and Tom Jonas. 17th century maps that published the first geographic details of Arizona. Published in the Journal of Arizona History, 2012.

Last Day with the Wagons Examining Kearny’s trail along the Rio Grande in 1846 and where he left the wagons. Published in the Overland Journal, 2012

Wells in the Desert Recovering the long-forgotten locations of  Cooke’s Well and Alamo Mocho, visited by Kearny and Cooke in 1846. Published in the Autumn 2009 issue of the Journal of Arizona History.

Forty Niners over the Mogollon Rim An examination of the first leg of the journey of Lt. Edward Beckwith and Capt. Herman Thorn, escorting the party of James Collier from Zuni to San Francisco in 1849. Published in the November, 2009 issue of Territorial Times.

Using Rephotography to Find Historic Trails and Campsites in the Southwestern United States. My contribution to the book REPEAT PHOTOGRAPHY: Methods and Applications in the Natural Sciences.

Finding the Great Canyon on the Gila River. Finding and photographing an iconic image from the Boundary Survey in 1851. Published in the April 2017 issue of True West Magazine.

When C. S. Fly Shot Geronimo. A look at the near-surrender of Geronimo in 1886 and the photographs of the event made by Tombstone photographer Camillus Fly. July 2017 issue of True West Magazine.

Unpublished Articles & Notes

Dick Spring Trip, December, 2002 Looking for Whipple’s Needle’s Eye detour, the “Canyon on the Gila” location, and the abandoned wagons.

Preliminary Investigation of Whipple’s Route in the Pinal Mountains – February 2003 A quick look at upper Ranch Creek, the Dripping Springs Valley, and Winkelman.

Mescal Warm Springs.  Whipple’s route investigated in March 2003

Analysis of Whipple’s Route from October 28-30, 1851 in light of field observations in March 2003.

Needle’s Eye Trip, November 2003 Finding the location of the Seth Eastman’s 1853 watercolor.

Upper Ranch Creek Trip – October 2004  Information from interviews with local ranchers and a little back road exploration.

The San Carlos Trail – October 2004  Developing data on an Indian trail through the San Carlos area of eastern Arizona.

General Stephen Watts Kearny’s Trail from the New Mexico Border to the San Carlos River A paper delivered at the Arizona History Convention in Safford, AZ, 2004

The Inverted Pyramid: An Important Landmark on Kearny’s 1846 Trail   A paper delivered April 29, 2006 at the Arizona History Convention in Tucson.  Describes Kearny’s trail southeast of Globe Arizona on November 1-2, 1846

A Visit to the Baca Float.  A June 2005 Investigation of Amiel Whipple’s Pacific Railroad Survey (1854) on today’s Luis Maria Baca Float No. 5, on the ORO Ranch northwest of Prescott.

Andrew Wallace

Where Was New Year’s Spring? An analysis of Lt. Amiel Whipple’s December 31, 1853 campsite north of Williams, Arizona.

James Russell Barnes

Wagon Road West “Revisited” An article relating to the Beale Road.  Originally published in the  March 1999 issue of the Tazewell County Historical Society Newsletter

Rare Photography & Books on Southwest Explorations

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