Mineral Creek

The army left the San Pedro River and traveled north along the Gila River to the mouth of Mineral Creek. There they found a large campsite with grass for the livestock.


Kelvin Camp

Kearny’s camp on Mineral Creek a few hundred feet north of the Gila River. This is the modern community of Kelvin, AZ. Tom Jonas photo.


“November 7, 1846.–Our camp was on a flat sandy plain, of small extent, at the mouth of a dry creek, with deep washed banks, giving the appearance of containing, at times, a rapid and powerful stream, although no water was visible in the bed. At the junction, a clear, pure stream flowed from under the sand. From the many indications of gold and copper ore at this place, I have named it Mineral Creek; and I doubt not a few years will see flat-boats descending the river from this point to its mouth, freighted with its precious ores.”

Mineral Creek

Mineral Creek as it empties into the Gila River. Tom Jonas photo


Editor’s note: Today there is a large open pit copper mine just north of here in the valley of Mineral Creek.